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Julie Evonne Washington


The Healing Room


In The Healing Room we work on a state of optimal wellness through healing, releasing, clearing, balancing, restoring and empowering the entire physical, mental and energetic bodies.

The Healing Room is a private intuitive energy healing studio in Altadena, CA. Natural healing methods are embraced for mind/body/soul connection. The Healing Room is a safe, soothing atmosphere – a comfortable sacred space to "release”, let everything go and let your energy flow. Experienced healers bring the Body/Mind/Spirit vibration into balance and harmony to let your inner light shine big and bright.

Our methods include Reiki, Crystal Healing Therapies, Access Bars, Holistic Esthetics, Meditation, Past Life Regression and Energy Balancing to name a few. We are intuitive and use psychic energy to always keep in the uplifting Spiritual realms of love and light.

Have you ever said - "Not now, I will deal with that later"; or, have you ever been fuming about something and harbored the feeling for some reason? All of those "later" and " harbored” issues go somewhere. They are kept in the body. Eventually, if not released, they become lodged in the body at a cellular level. Over time they become dis-ease (cancer, arthritis, asthma, etc.)

Just like a river that gathers sticks and stones, our journey through life does the same. As you browse through the services we offer, look for the one that resonates with you. Find the one that will assist your journey to light, healing, love, joy and peace.

Love and Light, Look to the light inside you

True healing involves body, mind and Spirit.
~ © Alison Stormwolf ~